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In addition to the products in our product section, we can make just about any custom, super-ultralight down insulated item you’d like. Need a special size? Our custom gear is tailored to the specific body measurements you provide us with. Want to use a certain fabric or color? Pockets or no pockets? Zipper or no zipper? Drawstring closures or elastic? You can even tell us how much down and what fill-power you’d like us to use.

10 reviews for CUSTOM ORDERS

  1. Erin Miller (verified owner)

    Goosefeet Gear custom designed me a puffy pullover jacket, with hood, 1/4 zipper, and kangaroo pouch pocket. It fits perfectly and is super comfy. I have worn it in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in temperatures as low as -45C and am happy to say it kept me nice and warm. It’s great for backpacking as well, as the high quality down packs super small and lofts up quickly. When backpacking it also makes a heavenly pillow. Discussing wants and needs with Ben was super easy, as he is very knowledgeable and was happy to make recommendations on what would suit me best for my needs. I have had the jacket for nearly two years now, and it is as solid as the day I purchased it! Would definitely purchase another jacket in the future

  2. Scott D. Smith (verified owner)

    Outstanding!.. exceptional quality..great pricing…fast service.

  3. George Kantor (verified owner)

    Received Ben’s jacket this weekend and I love it. Considering opening my refrigerator and sitting next to it all day just so I can have an excuse to wear the thing. It fits perfectly, in all the ways I was really anxious (and talked with Ben) about – he really understood what I was saying and nailed it. The fabrics feel amazing, the whole thing is ridiculously light, and all of the details are spot on for my ask. The fit and finish are top notch and whoa, this thing is warm.

    Really appreciate all of Ben’s help through the process – he made piecing together the exact design details super easy and shipped me an awesome product for honestly, not much more than I would have paid for a far inferior product on the open market.

    FWIW – This is my second piece of truly custom gear, after a Zimmerbuilt day pack. I don’t think I’m going back. Both of these experiences have been outstanding and the price premium is barely there and not even a premium when I consider the added value I’ve gotten. Really appreciate custom gearmaker’s work.

    Details: Down jacket w/hood, full length zipper, 4.5oz of 950fp downtech, 8d DWR fabrics, 2 handwarmer pockets, 1 with a zipper. I’m somewhere between a “L” and “XL”, but of course with custom measurements. The whole thing arrived in at 8.78oz.

  4. TJ Lopez (verified owner)

    My custom jacket exceeded my expectations! I knew that made an amazing product, but real had no idea until I received my jacket. The order process was super easy and Ben helped me every step of the way. My jacket out performs my other jackets I use for my hikes! Thank you so much Goosefeet Gear for the attention to detail and the amazing craftsmanship!

  5. Zachary (verified owner)

    Ordering process was easy. Ben was a pleasure to work with. The custom jacket he made was beautiful! Puffy, superior weight-to-warmth ratio compared to non-cottage brands, and highly customizable. My minor caveats was that the hood was tight on me and the logo was on the back right corner. I blame the former on my larger-than-average head and the latter I think could be a suggestion to modify for future jackets. Overall, really impressed with the quality of the work!

  6. Chris Thompson (verified owner)

    Got a 1/2 zip down jacket with some customisation to suit me. Fits well, lovely and warm with the good quality down, and its light! It’s just nice having things the way you want them. I have heavier fabric on the lower arms as that is where I wear jackets out. I also got a pillow cover and that is pure luxury! Nice work Ben.

  7. Thamar Kuyters (verified owner)

    GooseFeet Gear made me an extra warm down jacket that fits perfectly. It is well made, nice material (I choose the 20d, inside and outside) nice color and super light!! I can’t wait to use it on my next hike. Thanks GFG! And also for answering my questions and emails so quickly- that gives me confidence that I have made the right choice. The shipping to the Netherlands went smooth. I’m super happy with this piece of gear.

  8. Craig Von Bargen (verified owner)

    They responded quickly to my very specific vest. Met my short schedule and delivered an excellent product. I will use them again for custom made UL garments.

  9. Raymond (verified owner)

    First of all, Benjamin is a gentleman and a pleasure to work with..

    Ben made a pair of down booties large enough to fit over my ll bean Maine hunting boots. This past November I sat in my self climbing tree stand in Jackman’ Maine for 9.5 hours. The temperature never exceeded 14 degrees. My feet were TOASTY warm. I’ve worn every boot under the sun and none of them kept my feet warm. I’ve even worn the military Mickey Mouse boots , size 13 with either a felt or foam liner. Even then on a 14 degree day by noon my feet were cold and by 1 or 2 pm it would be unbearable.

    This combination is the only one that’s ever worked for me. My ll bean Maine hunting boots are NOT insulated! They just have the gortex liner.

    I’m 70 years old and I finally solved the last piece of the equation for staying warm all day.

    Thank you Ben for your help and great product.

    Raymond Costa

  10. Paul Sandin (verified owner)

    Ben made me a custom hooded vest, yes that’s right, a vest with a hood. The thing weighs just under 8oz and is warmer than my lightest weight puffy. I’m wearing it right now and it is super comfy. Having an article of clothing that is EXACLY what you want/need is really fantastic.

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