Current Lead Times

Most GooseFeet Gear items are built after the order is placed, unless it is listed on the Inventory page. All efforts will be made to meet the following deadlines.

Custom pillows and balaclavas are shipping within 1 week of the order date.

Custom socks and over-booties are shipping within 2 weeks of the order date.

Custom pants are shipping within 4 weeks of the order date.

Custom jackets, vests, and quilts are shipping within 6 weeks of the order date.

Working Full Time

I am back from my honeymoon and we are gearing up for a busy year! I am working full time at GooseFeet Gear, so I can focus on getting orders out quickly and efficiently! If you have questions call me anytime at (478) 298-7653 or email me at

Thanks for your business!

  • Ben Smith