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Total Price


Base Price $49.00 + FABRIC COLOR $0.00 + SOLE TYPE $0.00 + SIZE $0.00


Our waterproof over-booties are specifically designed as a rugged shell for our DOWN SOCKS, so you can wear them around camp and for those midnight calls of nature. A sil-nylon upper with a shock-cord drawstring at the top seals out rain, snow, and the cold. A second draw-cord at the ankle helps cinch the over-booties around the socks. If you would like for these over-booties to be completely waterproof, you will need to seam seal them yourself.

A removable closed-cell foam insole gives extra foot protection when walking around camp. Choose between ROBIC or TOUGHTEK sole, depending on how rugged or ultra-light you’d like your over-booties to be. Check out the “SOLE TYPES” tab for more information on these fabrics and the weight differences between them.

All of our products are made with high-quality materials to the strictest quality standards. To ensure your product has a long life, we recommend reading over our CARE INSTRUCTIONS.


ROBIC fabric is strong, yields exceptional tear strength and is incredibly abrasion resistant thanks to a ripstop reinforcement grid on top of the base fabric. This fabric is waterproof.

TOUGHTEK sets the standard for abrasion resistant grip. It is a more rugged option and is non-slip in wet, dry, hot and cold conditions. This fabric is waterproof. TOUGHTEK increases the total weight of the over-booties; weighing in at over twice what a ROBIC pair would weigh.


X SMALL < 4 4 – 5.5 1.3 oz 3.9 oz
SMALL 5 – 6.5 6 – 7.5 1.6 oz 4.4 oz
MEDIUM 7 – 9 8 – 10 1.9 oz 4.9 oz
LARGE 9.5 – 12 10.5 – 13 2.3 oz 5.5 oz
X LARGE 13 – 15 14+ 2.7 oz 6.0 oz


Most GooseFeet Gear items are built after the order is placed, unless it is listed in our “IN STOCK INVENTORY” on the PRODUCTS PAGE. All efforts will be made to meet the following deadlines:

SOCKS, PILLOWS, & BALACLAVAS – Shipped within 2 WEEKS of the order date.
OVER-BOOTIES – Shipped within 2 WEEKS of the order date.
PANTS – Shipped within 4 WEEKS of the order date.
JACKETS, VESTS & QUILTS – Shipped within 8 WEEKS of the order date.

If you need a product by a certain date, please email me at ben@goosefeetgear.com and we’ll be happy to see what we can do to accommodate you.


  1. John (verified owner)

    Really awesome camp shoes to pair with down socks. The sizes run large in my assessment (I wear 10.5 men shoes and ended up with a size medium), but I was just using down socks on the inside. I think if you were using more bulky feet coverings, the sizing could work. I don’t know if you are supposed to, but I use the insole straps like sandal straps on my foot and that yields very good traction. Excellent customer service, prompt help!

  2. Sarah

    Great over booties. I love that they are waterproof and will keep my down socks dry!

  3. Scott (verified owner)

    My large size Robic booties came in at 1.8 ozs., or .5 oz less than advertised. Easy to put on and off, and work well with my sleep socks.

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