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Your legs carry you from one adventure to the next, so make sure they get the warmth they need with our ultralight down pants. Premium 850-fill goose down provides insulation without bogging you down, while a DWR finish sloughs water when you’re wearing them around camp and in the snow. Cinch top waist, with shock cord and cord lock, allows you to tighten or loosen them as necessary. Elastic ankle cuffs help protect your legs from drafts.

At Goosefeet Gear, we know that “one size” doesn’t “fit all,” especially when it comes to pants. That’s why our down pants are highly customizable. In addition to fabric, color, fill and exact body measurements, you can choose to have partial to full side zippers, and whether or not you want your pants baffled.


The most common method of construction is known as “sewn through,” where the outer material is stitched directly into the inner lining, separating the down in different pockets and keeping it from settling or bunching. “Sewn through” uses less fabric, making it the lightest option. Sewn-through construction it is less warm than baffled construction because the down is pinched at the seams, meaning loft is reduced to zero at each point of stitching, creating potential “cold spots.”

“Baffled” construction means that there have been thin strips of material sewn between the top and the bottom layer of fabric, giving each separate pocket of down its own three-dimensional cube. This creates much less pinching of the down at the perimeter, maximizing the loft of the down, and minimizing cold spots. Baffled construction is the best method for optimizing the loft and warmth of the down fill. Due to the use of extra material, baffled construction makes the pants slightly heavier in overall weight. We recommend at least 5 . 5 OZ of fill be used with the “Baffled” option.

All of our products are made with high-quality materials to the strictest quality standards. To ensure your product has a long life, we recommend reading over our CARE INSTRUCTIONS.


10D – This new material has an amazing next-to-skin feel and is ultra light-weight, but still has a DWR treatment and is 100% downproof! The 10D fabric is great for saving weight for both the liner or shell fabric.


20D – This nylon is the most durable fabric we offer. It has a DWR treatment applied to the outside surface, so it will resist a small amount of water before allowing it to get the down inside wet.



Each pair of down pants is stuffed with a varying amount of 850 fill power DownTek down. You can add extra down for increased loft and warmth if you wish.

We recommend at least 5 . 5 OZ’s of fill be used with the “Baffled” option.

The following is an estimated temperature rating for the fill levels:

2 . 5 OZ   40F
3 . 5 OZ   30F
4 . 5 OZ   20F
5 . 5 OZ   10F
6 . 5 OZ     0F
7 . 5 OZ -10F
8 . 5 OZ -20F


Each pair of down pants we make is custom fit, just for you. Accurate measurements ensure the best fit; please follow the following guidelines when measuring. If you fall between to whole numbers, it is best to round up. For example: If your waist is 32 . 5″, order a 33″.

1 . WAIST – Around your waist, about where your pants sit.
2 . HIPS – Around the WIDEST point of your hips.
3 . THIGH – Around the WIDEST point of your thigh.
4 . CALF – Around the WIDEST point of your calf.
5 . INSEAM – The length from your crotch down to the ankle, or wherever you want the pants to end. If you want down shorts, measure to the knee!



Most GooseFeet Gear items are built after the order is placed, unless it is listed in our “IN STOCK INVENTORY” on the PRODUCTS PAGE. All efforts will be made to meet the following deadlines:

PILLOWS & BALACLAVAS – Shipped within 1 WEEK of the order date.
SOCKS & OVER-BOOTIES – Shipped within 2 WEEKS of the order date.
PANTS – Shipped within 4 WEEKS of the order date.
JACKETS, VESTS & QUILTS – Shipped within 6 WEEKS of the order date.

If you need a product by a certain date, please email us @ and we’ll be happy to see what we can do to accommodate you.

6 reviews for DOWN PANTS

  1. Greg (verified owner)

    These are great! The fit is perfect, and the guides to measuring, choosing materials and build details were clear. Looks like top quality materials and construction.

  2. patrick (verified owner)

    “one of my most favorite things ive ever owned. it feels like my legs are living in a cloud” Fiance. I got these for my fiance and shes been wearing them almost every day around the house. She loves them, very high quality. Just bought a pair for myself. the fit looks great if you measure them out.

    It might be nice to have generic sizes S,M,L, XL so these could be gifted easier.

  3. Rick

    Brilliant gear, light and warm — replaced several other pairs of inferior products! Bought a second pair for my wife, at her request — the ultimate accolade!

  4. Brian Y. (verified owner)

    Second winter using these and they are really great. Selected a 5.5oz fill with sewn-through construction and a 30″ zipper (29″ inseam). I can put these own over heavy boots no problem. I was nervous at first about getting a custom sewn / fit garment from my measurements but after talking with Ben (super awesome) he made a great product that is warm and very light. The fit is perfect and love how high they come up on the waist. I also own a pair of the down socks as well.

  5. prassede calabi (verified owner)

    i LOVE them. Love love love them

    They are warm, light, shed water.
    They are gorgeous in every sense.
    I wore them pretty much daily December thru February, and still wear them days like today April 26, with effective temp around 34’F, gale winds and wet squalls.

    I’m 5’8,” 120lbs, got 10D shell and liner, no baffles, 5.5 oz fill, 36 “ side zip (which go up so high I can whip off the pants over any boot).

    In convo with Ben, we worked out short rise, small butt, more fitted leg. The pants fit beautifully, sit lightly on my hips with no bunching or pooching. The down is so lofty that at first the legs rode up but that stopped in a few days as the down settled.

    People comment all the time.
    “Awesome pants”
    “Please, may i ask . . where did you get those pants?”
    “what are you wearing?!”
    “are they warm?”
    “cool pants”
    “hot pants”
    “Where did you get those pants?!”

    I recommend these w/o reservation. Thank you Ben and gang

  6. Ryan (verified owner)

    Great down pants. I bought these for backpacking in the mountains. I haven’t used them yet for that purpose but I have worn them around home. They are comfortable, they articulate well and don’t prevent movements and are very light and warm. Very pleased.

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