I’ve been looking for a product like this for years. The perfect sleeping socks for the cold footed camper. That would be me.

Nothing more, nothing less, just a super warm and super light sock. These are so light, at only 2.2 oz including a stuff sack, you won’t mind bringing them along. That’s about the same as a pair of regular hiking socks and about 1/3 the weight of my old down booties. You can’t walk around camp in them, but they’re socks not shoes.

At $55 they may seem expensive. Good down is expensive. Similar products cost even more. The GooseFeet are made with premium 800+ fill goose down, the best available. I know I’m pretty enthusiastic about this product, but it fills a niche that needed filling.

I usually make my own gear when I can’t find what I want. But, down is a bear to handle so IMHO it’s worth it to pay for the finished product. And these are very professionally finished products. They should keep my feet warm for years to come.


Wanted to tell you the down socks are great! My Dad suffered a spinal stroke a few years ago and has nerve damage in his legs. He was never able to get his feet warm at night, but with these new socks, he said his feet are warmer and the GooseFeet work better than anything he tried before. Thanks Again!


I found GooseFeet Gear via a forum and after using Ben’s gear, felt compelled to jot down a quick testimonial.

I was in a bit of a hurry as, on a whim, I had decided to do a cycling trip into a remote area of Western Australia. It was to be in July / August, and, believe it or not, it can quite easily get down to minus 5 degrees C with heavy frost at night. I know for some people that is ‘shirts off’ weather, but for us thin blooded Aussies, it’s freezing…. 🙂

I rang and explained that I was leaving in a few weeks, Ben had me place the orders via his site, and to his immense credit all items were delivered prior to my leaving, no mean feat considering I added extra pieces to the order…. He didn’t even lose his cool…. 🙂

He was very fair with the postage to West Oz as well.

The gear I used was; Balaclava, Booties, Over boots and custom made Down Pants. All the gear is of excellent quality.

As luck would have it, it only got down to minus 2.7 degrees C, but I have to say, as I sat out in the wind and gazing at the stars on the cold nights, I couldn’t have been happier…or warmer.Thanks Ben, you were part of the team on that trip, and will be on future trips.


I ordered XL size booties with 1/2 oz. extra down for my 2010 CDT thru-hike. Since I had frost nip several times in my feet when I was younger resulting in my feet now getting cold rather easily and taking a long time to warm back up, and I’m an ultra lite long distance backpacker, I felt GooseFeet Down Booties would help keep my feet stay toasty warm within an UL highly compressible package that are warmth specific for my feet. In the XL size(fit my size 14 feet perfectly!), with the extra 1/2 oz high quality 800 level down, the inner booties weigh slightly less than 3 oz!

They compress to the size of something smaller than a baseball, disappearing into my backpack! They warm up my feet quickly! They help my feet breathe while in my sleeping bag so I don’t always have to wear trail socks inside my sleeping bag/sleep system. After all the trail nights I’ve spent tossing and turning, nothing I’ve found so far fully compares to the warming power of Goose Down Booties on my feet!