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  • Icon: 20D Blush Pink

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  • Icon: 20D Chili Red

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  • LARGE + $4.00

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    4.5 OZ + $37.00

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    5.0 OZ + $42.00

  • Goosefeet Gear Icon: 5.5 OZ

    5.5 OZ + $47.00

Total Price


Base Price $35.00 + FABRIC TYPE + COLOR $0 + SIZE $0 + FILL $0


Stuffed with maximum-lofting 850+ fill power down, these down pillows are ultra-light, compressible, and ultra-comfortable. Soft and warm, they make for a great night’s sleep whether you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper.

Our down pillows have a sewn-on pocket on the back that you can stuff extra clothes, foam, or an air-pillow in to create more support. If you find that a regular down pillow compresses too much, this pillow is for you! Our down pillow comes with a small elastic attachment point added so that you can attach it to your sleeping pad to reduce pillow movement during the night.


SMALL: 1 – 3 oz
MEDIUM: 1 – 3.5 oz
LARGE: 1.5 – 4.5 oz
X LARGE: 1.5 – 5.5 oz

All of our products are made with high-quality materials to the strictest quality standards. To ensure your product has a long life, we recommend reading over our CARE INSTRUCTIONS.


8D – This new material has an amazing next-to-skin feel and is ultra light-weight, but still has a DWR treatment and is 100% downproof! The 8D fabric is great for saving weight for both the liner or shell fabric.


20D – This nylon is the most durable fabric we offer. It has a DWR treatment applied to the outside surface, so it will allow small amounts of water to bead up and slide right off!



SMALL 16″ x 12.5″ 0 . 5 OZ 0 . 8 OZ
MEDIUM 20″ x 15″ 0 . 7 OZ 1 . 0 OZ
LARGE 24″ x 17.5″ 1 . 0 OZ 1 . 4 OZ
X LARGE 28″ x 20″ 1 . 3 OZ 1 . 8 OZ

** Add desired fill weight to fabric weight for total pillow weight.



Most GooseFeet Gear items are built after the order is placed, unless it is listed in our “IN STOCK INVENTORY” on the PRODUCTS PAGE. All efforts will be made to meet the following deadlines:

SOCKS, PILLOWS, & BALACLAVAS – Shipped within 2 WEEKS of the order date.
OVER-BOOTIES – Shipped within 2 WEEKS of the order date.
PANTS – Shipped within 4 WEEKS of the order date.
JACKETS, VESTS & QUILTS – Shipped within 8 WEEKS of the order date.

If you need a product by a certain date, please email me at and we’ll be happy to see what we can do to accommodate you.



The following table shows which air pillows fit in each of our pillow sizes.

Graham Medical
Flexair Small (0.6 oz)
Sea To Summit
Aeros Premium Regular (2.8 oz)
UL Comfort (2.2 oz)
Big Agnes
Q-Core (3.1 oz)
Pillow X (2.0 oz)
Air head Lite (2.7 oz)
Airpillow XL (3.4 oz)
  Sierra Designs
Animas (2.1 oz)
Pillow X Large (3.2 oz)
Sea To Summit
Aeros Ultralight Deluxe (4.6 oz)
  Big Agnes
AXL (1.6 oz)
Aluft (2.8 oz)
Wicked-Stick (3.0 oz)
Big Sky
Dreamsleeper (1.6 oz)
  Sea To Summit
Aeros Regular (2.1 oz)
Sea To Summit
Aeros Premium Large (4.0 oz)
Airpillow M (1.6 oz)
Airpillow L (4.0 oz)
  Graham Medical
Flexair Large (0.9 oz)
Versa (2.8 oz)
    Sierra Designs:
Gunnison (3.0 oz)
    Sea To Summit:
Aeros Large (2.5 oz)

10 reviews for DOWN PILLOWS

  1. Stacia

    I’ve use my Goosefeet Gear pillow for three seasons now, including a month on the PCT in 2015. Mine is size medium, with the stuff sack pocket and 1 oz of down. It is the perfect backpacking pillow, full stop. It’s tiny and weighs pretty much nothing, and I can stuff it into my stuff sack with my sleeping bag no problem — no way to forget it, nothing extra to think about. With my lightweight down jacket stuffed into the pocket, it is extremely comfortable. If it’s cold enough I’m wearing my down jacket to sleep, I stuff my rain jacket in the pocket and that’s pretty darn comfy too. I don’t know why people mess with stiff, uncomfortable inflatable pillows or settle for a wadded-up jacket or a stuff sack full of spare clothes (what spare clothes??) when this is an option. I love this pillow! No compromises required.

  2. Erin

    I got one to go with my Exped pillow and it makes an decent pillow really great. I’m enough of a side sleeper that a slightly under-inflated pillow gives me the support I need to sleep comfortably, but adding the down to the top makes it feel almost like a regular pillow. The combination (while weighing more than some options) is small enough and weighs little enough that it can be a luxury item on the trail. It lives permanently with my sleeping bag and so has even saved me on car camping trips when someone forgot a pillow.

  3. Greg

    Got the exped ul large size in 10D with 2oz of down and the stuff sack pocket to go along with my big sky international dream sleeper pillow. Fits perfect and really helps with comfort. The fabric is much softer than the plasticy feeling on the big sky and adds a good bit of softness without much weight. Mine weighs in at around 2.4oz although my scale only measures down to 0.02lb so could be a bit lighter. I asked Ben about the options and he got back to me really quickly and shipped out very fast as well. Very satisfied with the customer service and product received wouldn’t hesitate to order from here again. Highly recommended to anyone that finds their lightweight inflatable pillow uncomfortable. This is one of my only luxury items and to me it’s worth the weight for a good nights rest

  4. Ann

    I ordered my GooseFeet Gear down pillow a few weeks ago. Somehow someone along the shipping line managed to puncture the padded bag the pillow was shipped in, along with the pillow. Ben, the owner, was incredibly helpful in getting me a replacement pillow in just a few days. He was also happy to add some additional fill for a very reasonable price. (I had ordered the pillow through another website and didn’t know I could customize the fill level). I now have a pillow that has 3.5 oz of fill, weighs ~4 oz overall, and is incredibly comfortable to sleep on. I love it – thanks Ben! 🙂

  5. Kimo Wilson (verified owner)

    So far I’m happy with my purchase. My only complaint is not really knowing what 1oz of down is. I ordered the standard 1oz with pocket and although 1oz is better than none, a minimum of 2oz of down is preferable (in my opinion) I guess that it’d be helpful if the pictures of the pillow indicated how much down was used, and/or a picture of each fill option layed out for comparison.

  6. David O (verified owner)

    Wow. I’m absolutely blown away by this pillow case. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pillow setup for years, and I’ve finally found it. I’ve went through at least 5-6 pillow configurations and while they worked, they were never very good. This pillow case with an Exped UL pillow is the closest I’ve found to the comfort of my pillows at home. The down lofts around my head when I lay on it, and the fabric is luxuriously soft and comfortable. I’ve bought a few things from Ben recently, and the quality is always impeccable. I’m a big fan of GFG and Ben is great to work with. 5/5 for the product itself and 10/5 for the customer service. Amazing company and products.

  7. JustinHikesTN (verified owner)

    Inflatable pillows typically make my ears sore (I’m a side sleeper.) Adding this pillow on top eliminates that issue all together. Super comfortable, light weight, and affordable. Would suggest to anyone!

  8. Michael Landis (verified owner)

    As a seasoned backpacker and back country hunter who is also a side sleeper, I have struggled to find the right pillow that is also very light and very compact. The search is over. I love this product. I increased the amount of down and purchase the option to slip my Sea To Summit pillow in the case. This is EXACTLY what my S to S pillow needed to make it heaven. Plus, when I asked a question, the owner responded the same day and addressed my question. The experience was perfect and I am very happy with the product. As I noticed on another review, I added more down and very happy with that choice.

  9. Jason (verified owner)

    I got the Large, 10D, Orange, 3.5oz fill, with stuff sack pocket. It is extremely light and compressible. On its own, it compresses down too much to function as much of a useful pillow. But with something behind it (in the pocket), it’s great.

  10. p22nut5 (verified owner)

    Best Backpacking and Travel Pillow EVER!!! I had been looking for the comfiest backpacking pillow for years and have tried at least 7-8. I have 4 that I kept but not perfectly happy with it until I came across of GooseFeet Gear Down Pillow. It feels like I am sleeping in my own home down pillow just more luxurious because of the silky material. I ordered a small size first. I was gonna return it for medium but decided to keep it because it’s a perfect size for sleeping bags. Then I ordered the medium size to pair with my quilt and for traveling. It has a pocket that you can add clothes if you want your pillow firmer. I want mine soft and floppy so I asked for a 5.5 oz fill for my medium pillow. I’m in love with my pillow. Thank you Ben. Best Customer Service EVER!!!

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