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So you’re interested in a down jacket?  There are a few things to take into consideration. First of all, the weight of the jacket. With a standard jacket, if you want to get extra warmth in your jacket you are going to have to add additional weight to the jacket. In most cases, this isn’t a big deal as you’re probably not traveling long distances in the cold and just need a nice warm jacket to keep you warm from point A to point B.  But there are a couple of instances where the weight can make a big difference:


Ultralight jackets are great for storing in luggage as they take up less room than a bulkier jacket would without sacrificing the warmth.  This means you are able to pack a smaller suitcase for those business or adventure travel trips across the world.


Our Ultralight down jackets are also ideal for people who are interested in an option for lightweight backpacking. The down jackets are extremely packable, and some customers have said that on really cold nights they like to sleep in their down jacket because it keeps them super warm and comfortable all throughout the night. Between our jackets, down pants, and down socks you will stay comfortable all night without having to worry about trying to find a way to heat your tent on those extra cold nights.

The second consideration for a down-filled jackets is the features.  Every jacket is custom-made for each individual, which means that you can customize your down jacket to be exactly the way you want it.  We make full-zip jackets or half-zip pullover jackets.  Don’t like a hood?  We make them with a collar if you’d like.  Looking for a super ultralight option?  We have made jackets as low as 5oz total weight.  Don’t forget that every jacket has the option to add insulated pockets to keep your hands warm during those cold and windy walks during the winter.