GooseFeet Gear Custom Full Zip Down Vest - Unzipped
GooseFeet Gear Custom Full Zip Down Vest
Goosefeet Gear Custom Down Gear - Full Zip Down Vest


  • SIZE: Custom Fit
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 4.9 OZ (61% of total weight is insulation)
  • FABRIC: 10D – FOREST Nylon Outer | 10D – LIME Inner
  • FILL: 3 OZ of 900 down fill
  • FEATURES: Full zipper front, collared, front pockets, drawstring at waist.

This down vest was custom made for Erik Soltan of Get Out Backpacking (Photo Cred: Erin Soltan). Eric found himself in need of a vest that would fit his 6″5 tall frame and soon discovered that all of the commercially produced vests out there were either not packed with enough down, or were too bulky for long distance treks. This vest was customized to his needs.